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About Me

Ljubica “Buba” Djenic was born in former Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Buba is a graduate from University of Zagreb, Croatia with Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and received her diploma of Certified Engineer of Surveying.

She worked for the Office of Local Affairs from 1985-1992 as a consultant for surveying and urban planning and development. She took an important role in planning city’s highway system, made projects for new residential areas in the city, and in 7 years of working significantly improved city’s infrastructure and appearance. She lived in Germany from 1993-98. In 1998 she moved to San Antonio and worked as a Case Worker for Refugees.  She also spent 6 years working for an Asset Management Company and 3 years volunteering for Christus Santa Rosa Hospice.

Working in The Real Estate came naturally for her, as she enjoy working with people to buy and/or sell their properties, with a guaranteed big smile, professionalism and a positive attitude.

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